Bunkering ships in ports of the Far Eastern and Black Sea.
Wholesale of petroleum products with delivery across Russia and the Near abroad.
Export of petroleum products to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Korea, Turkey.
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The public-private partnership
Quick and competent solutions in petroleum products delivery tasks

How do we work?

For more than 10 years Spectrum Group has been selling petroleum products with delivery in Russia and export to the countries of the Near and Far Abroad, Asia. Our company has the capability of bunkering ships in the Far Eastern and Black Sea ports, petroleum products delivery through railways, gasoline tankers and the pipeline. 

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Spectrum Group of Companies carries out deliveries of all the main types of petroleum products of high quality of various brands and purposes. Our offices are located in four federal districts of Russia: Siberian (cities of Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Novokuznetsk, Tomsk), Far East (cities of Vladivostok, Nakhodka.), Central (cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg), South (city of Novorossiysk), as well as in the Republic of Kazakhstan and China. 


Our experience is over 10 years

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We supply more than
10 000
tons of petroleum products per year
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What are we doing?

About the company

Spectrum Group of Companies specializes in wholesale and supply of fuel and lubricants throughout Russia, as well as exports to Asia (China, Vietnam, Korea).

Our team:

General Director Andrey Bratenkov - bratenkov@gkspektr.ru 
HR Director Elena Bratenkova - bratenkova@gkspektr.ru
Project Director Tatiana Zhankova -  jhankova@gkspektr.ru
Representative in Vladivostok Alexander Korzun -  korzun@gkspektr.ru
Representative in Novokuznetsk Vladimir Bliznyuk - bliznuk@gkspektr.ru
Representative in Tomsk Artem Volodin -  volodin@gkspektr.ru
Representative in Barnaul Alexander Lysikov - lysikov@gkspektr.ru
Representative in Saint-Petersburg Sergey Belyankin -  belyankin@gkspektr.ru
Representative in Moscow Alexander Zakharov -   zakharov@gkspektr.ru
Representative in Krasnoyarsk Evgeniy Dvoeglazov - dvoeglazov@gkspektr.ru
Back-office Maria Uskova - uskova@gkspektr.ru
Office Manager Inna Belitskaya - belitskaya@gkspektr.ru

Requisites of Spectrum Group of Companies

Requisites of the tank farm of Spectrum Group of Companies

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We are ready to listen to any of your constructive proposals on the issues related to the quality of our work and further cooperation
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At the moment, we are developing comprehensive tariffs for servicing filling stations, transport enterprises and other companies from various sectors of the economy
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We answer frequently asked questions

What is LPDS (linear production dispatch station) and OPS (oil pumping station)?

The answer to the question is in the illustration.

How is oil produced?


How is fuel oil loaded on the Baltics?

The answer to your question is shown in the image.

What are the refineries in Russia

 The answer to the question is shown in the illustration.

I am interested in fuel tankers routes

The answer is given in the illustration.

Do you have your own tank of gasoline tank trucks?

Yes, we have our own fleet of gasoline tank trucks. We are independent of the transport companies, so we guarantee for 100% the execution of delivery times and the observance of the technological conditions during transportation.

How long does it take to calculate the delivery of petroleum products?

Usually, a detailed calculation takes 1-2 working days or less, depending on the client's conditions and the type of delivery.

How do you differ from your competitors?

We are the leader on the market of services. We are accountable for quality and terms for the most pleasant price.

We are trusted by major players in the business and government agencies

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